Sharing Privilege

When we stand together, united, we need to question where privilege comes from.  Where does the time go while we wait for the answer to come?  We know the answer, and now it’s time to execute a solution. I never had a day where I didn’t have food on my plate, even if the food was unappealing. I learned to eat my vegetables and appreciate every meal.  As I saw each piece of fruit, vegetable, grain, legume, or whatever presented in front of me, I knew this food came from someone’s labor. The only thing I could hope for is the person who helped bring this meal to me was given a better life.

Understanding where our food comes from is very important, an infectious virus could hurt food supplies, or even the people who help feed us all. Food is important, and it’s actually pretty cheap if you look at it seed by seed. It’s also a gateway to learning about the world and where food comes from. As a vegan I started to really dive into my privilege and found that I didn’t know how to show the value of the food I made or had made for me. A simple thank you goes a long way, but it doesn’t fill everyone’s bank.  I started questioning where my food came from, and wanted to know, who’s the asshole?

Published by The Hylian Vegan

I'm Sean Kilby and I'm from North Carolina I grew up with a great passion for music, arts, books, swimming, biking, soccer, Magic the Gathering, travel, electronic arts, and theme parks (Not Sea Parks). 5 ish years ago I started the process of moving away from animal based foods, now I'm completely vegan for about 2-3 years. I've studied nutrition by reading books, websites, and articles such as Thrive and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger (not a vegan guide). I took the approach of a plant based vegan diet so I didn't have to sustain myself by using an animal product for sustenance. I also do a lot of thought exercises and self reflection, meditation, and mindfulness to navigate through the experiences of life. I place these thoughts on this blog to have a good conversation with myself and others. The biggest and most difficult conversation that is taking place is that the global temperatures are dramatically increasing, putting our global ecosystem in danger due to methane gas from animal agriculture. The hardest part was I had lost the vision to improve the future. My work is ever changing, but setting clear goals have brought me to where I am today. Taking up the e-quill to tell a story.

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