Control: Better on PS5

Control is not another day at the office, it’s incredibly challenging requiring wit and fast reaction. You spend the game retaking control points which clear out some of the Hiss frequency and eventually allow fast travel, Ability upgrades, “Astral Constructs”, and mini missions called Board Countermeasures. There’s so much depth to the story I wasContinue reading “Control: Better on PS5”

Video Games and the Cognitive Dilemma

Throughout my life I’ve spent countless hours on a console. If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s cognitive dissonance, an emotional intelligence. People have the ability to turn on or off cognitive dissonance. Something I used to struggle with as a vegan was fighting or using animals in a simulation. I turn that off andContinue reading “Video Games and the Cognitive Dilemma”

There goes the Spider-Man

I’ve started playing Spider-Man for PS4, and honestly it’s tough.  I feel like artists have been trying to send a message about corruption for a  long time.  I think this is how Marvel continues to send a message.  Things need improvement. Corruption in our government, businesses, and even charitable organizations.  It’s a constant battle toContinue reading “There goes the Spider-Man”