The ASMR experience of playing Ghost of Tsushima.

I’ve challenged myself with playing Ghost of Tsushima blindfolded and enjoying the sounds of Tsushima island. I find myself listening to the flow of the wind, and the sounds of the instruments before I’ve alerted the Mongolian guards from walking directly into a captured village. Not really using any kind of blindfold to play I’veContinue reading “The ASMR experience of playing Ghost of Tsushima.”

Baking Bacon-Less Scones Twice

I’ve made scones many times, using expired baking powder causing lumps in the final product, and I’ve made scones while mixing my dry and wet ingredients before cutting in my butter, yielding nice flat biscuits. I’ve forgotten to add bacon and chill my dough. One could even say, occasionally, I make great scones. Making mistakesContinue reading “Baking Bacon-Less Scones Twice”

Tofu Scrambling Away from Labor

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy combining spices to create delicious, memorable flavors. I used a recipe from lovingitvegan which is a “super eggy vegan tofu scramble.” The eggy flavor comes from black salt or kala namak, used in South Asia known for its sulfurous pungent smell, along with someContinue reading “Tofu Scrambling Away from Labor”