The ASMR experience of playing Ghost of Tsushima.

I’ve challenged myself with playing Ghost of Tsushima blindfolded and enjoying the sounds of Tsushima island. I find myself listening to the flow of the wind, and the sounds of the instruments before I’ve alerted the Mongolian guards from walking directly into a captured village.

Not really using any kind of blindfold to play I’ve found that one of the best experiences in Ghost of Tsushima asides the pride in liberating the island of its captors was the orchestra of flutes, and the whistle of the winds as the wind direction changes to guide you to your next objective.

Days later the game came to an epic black screen of nothing just the ambience of the area that failed to load when I traveled. I was overcome by a tsunami of emotions as I stared at a blank screen and listened to the wind blow, and the leaves rustle. I tried closing out of the software and reloading, same thing. No response from any input, no menu, no hud, no footsteps, just the wind.


After trying this many times, I looked at my manual saves, one from 3 days ago and another from 9 days. I managed to overwrite the save from 3 days ago and was defeated when I loaded the save with only a few hours of play.

I tried reloading the auto save, no good. So I did some research, tried to flush system cache, then deleted the game completely and reinstalled it. Same problem. The save state was broken. After years of being a PS+ subscriber, my cloud saves saved the day. I was able to overwrite the corrupted data and go back about 10 minutes instead of multiple hours of playtime.

Praise the sun, thank you for the cloud.

Update: Make sure to cast your vote at The Game Awards for Ghost of Tsushima as it could be the GOTY.

Baking Bacon-Less Scones Twice

Vegan Baking 101

I’ve made scones many times, using expired baking powder causing lumps in the final product, and I’ve made scones while mixing my dry and wet ingredients before cutting in my butter, yielding nice flat biscuits. I’ve forgotten to add bacon and chill my dough. One could even say, occasionally, I make great scones.

Making mistakes is a part of the process, and becoming a better baker takes practice and becoming a bit more meticulous with following a recipe. Mixing something in the wrong order can be complete mayhem on the final product. Allowing your dough to rest or chill can also be a key component in the process of following a recipe.

Burned Scones Promptly Composted

The second attempt at the bacon-less scones was truly the best of the two batches. I mixed my dry and wet ingredients and then mixed in the butter with a pastry cutter. I humbly laughed throughout the process of cutting in butter and dough, (that you should probably never do) mixed in some chopped Herbivorous Butcher Pastrami, then shaped the dough into 6” disc and brushed them with about 2 T of water.

After the dough had chilled for an hour in the freezer it was time to bake. The product was tasty pastrami-infused biscuits instead of scones. I topped them with Myoko’s Garlic Parm Oat Butter while enjoying it with coffee in the morning.

Pastrami Scone-Biscuits

I’m enjoying JL Fields’ cookbook Baking for Beginners by muddying up recipes and having a good time. I’ll let you know the next time I make scones and they are the right consistency. 👨🏻‍🍳🧈

Tofu Scrambling Away from Labor

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy combining spices to create delicious, memorable flavors. I used a recipe from lovingitvegan which is a “super eggy vegan tofu scramble.” The eggy flavor comes from black salt or kala namak, used in South Asia known for its sulfurous pungent smell, along with some other spices.

I chopped up a questionable onion and a fresh pepper then added them to a pan with garlic infused oil and minced garlic. After sautéing for a bit, I added some cracks of fresh pepper and sea salt. Then I cut up Feed Your Head Seitan Chorizo to add a spongey texture and added it to the pan to cook separately. I covered the pan for a bit to quickly cook the seitan, stirring occasionally.

I mixed the tofu scramble separately using a dough blender. Then, once I felt the seitan was cooked, I added the tofu scramble to the pan. The final product was some dope breakfast burritos with plenty of leftovers. -Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. I hope you get to have some fun. Wear a mask and wash your hands 💙

Pancakes Make it Better

Chloe and the Red Squirrel

Yesterday was a sad day. I was diligently plugging away at work when one of the neighbor cats took the liberty of snatching up our favorite squirrel friend. The little red squirrel. It broke our hearts to see a friend be snatched up by a domesticated fur ball. A memory plays in my mind, the last time I saw our little friend.

The bastards

I felt powerless that there was nothing I could have done to prevent this. My partner was crushed, so I made my way to the kitchen to prep some comfort food. This event took me to the cookbook NYC Vegan’s recipe for Diner-Style Pancakes, which were delightful and not too difficult to make.

Liquid at rest

With a few lumps in my batter, and a hole in my heart 🐿, I preheated the skillet to 350 and grabbed my 1/4 measuring cup. Once preheated, I poured the batter and sprinkled mini chocolate chips over the top. The pancakes turned out perfect. It was exactly what we needed to get through the tragedy of losing a squirrel friend.

BiteSizedBeet’s blog
📸 by BiteSizedBeet

Comfort food is necessary during these difficult times. We’ll miss you little squirrel friend. These flapjacks are for you. ❤️

Link to VeganMos Store
Gus and the NYC Vegan cookbook

Compiling a Vegan Quiche

A few days ago I used JL Fields’ Vegan Baking for Beginners to make a pie crust base for some sort of pie. I didn’t consider that the basic pie crust was for more of a savory base, so I felt that my options were limited on what I could make based on the ingredients I had available. The recipe calls for the dough to chill for 30 minutes, up to 2 days. I used that window to brainstorm on what kind of pie I could make.

Basic pie crust base

I decided to make a quiche which is a French tart consiting of a pastry crust. I placed my frozen Just Egg in water for 15 minute intervals. Once the water became chilled, I replaced the water until the product was thawed. I rolled out my dough into a 10″ disc, I set my pie crust, failed to fluke the edges so the dough did not reach the brim of the pie plate. I had a little overflow of Just Egg liquid in my pie plate after par baking the crust. It actually added a cooked crispy, flakey texture around the edges which is something I really enjoy. A nice surprise.

I added some Good Planet parmesan and a little bit of salt to the top for flavor. It turned out better than expected, but blind baking the pie crust may have been the better option. After a bit of googling on what a pie plate is, what “pricking” is, and totally overlooking the step that says to flute the edges I had mixed results. The pie crust ended up flakey and a bit puffier than I would have liked, but the flavor and texture were perfect. Check out JL Field’s Vegan Baking for Beginners for an awesome boost to your baking skills.

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