Video Games and the Cognitive Dilemma

Throughout my life I’ve spent countless hours on a console. If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s cognitive dissonance, an emotional intelligence. People have the ability to turn on or off cognitive dissonance. Something I used to struggle with as a vegan was fighting or using animals in a simulation. I turn that off and enjoy the experience. The problem is the experience in a video game simulation has become too real, and that’s where the big picture comes into play. Not everyone responds the same to stimuli.

A developer creates a product that is intended to entertain, but can really root out some deep internal frustrations, sadness, hunger, and even manifest anger. The developer or artist creates a narrative that one can follow or try and choose their own path, depending on how the sandbox they are in is built. Ex: You’re attacked by a trained dog that the only objective for that dog is to try and deal damage to you. By default, you may hesitate. After a few different dogs attack you, you learn that the dogs will always attack you so you throw in some cognitive dissonance and dissociate the dog from being a friendly creature. I’m glad there’s more games that let you pet animals.

Through countless battles and deaths one internalizes defeat and can become very frustrated. It’s ones internal failure that manifests this anger, strong enough to snap a controller in two. One of my personal goals is to remember that video games are intended for entertainment and to tell a story. Trying to laugh off a defeat is likely more healthy than externalizing a defeat and using a destructive behavior.

There’s a lot to be learned and understood in the Gamindustri. Entertainment is an excellent opportunity for self reflection and understanding. There’s also a lot of young undeveloped minds who partake in the same experiences. I can’t fathom how some of the simulations impact other players emotions and behaviors.

Update: Playstation, Nintendo, and Microsoft are formerly addressing some of the issues in online gaming like bullying and harassment. You can read more about this on Xbox’s News website.

There goes the Spider-Man

I’ve started playing Spider-Man for PS4, and honestly it’s tough.  I feel like artists have been trying to send a message about corruption for a  long time.  I think this is how Marvel continues to send a message.  Things need improvement. Corruption in our government, businesses, and even charitable organizations.  It’s a constant battle to keep lethal drugs off the street, prevent crimes such as robberies, or hit and runs, or so far keep Fisk Industries from corrupting the city.

So as I go through the story, (Spoilers)  the first thing I do in-game is re-sync the cell tower frequencies in New York City, and that’s when it hit me. There’s either fake  I’m enjoying the heck out of the freedom to swing above traffic and see a beautiful rendition of a metropolis that I could enjoy for about $65.00 (upon launch) and make a difference. The thought stays with me that I’m not able to do a lot to make a positive impact. Towers are on the legitimate police radio frequency. Well that will make their jobs easier.

There’s also a ton of backpacks that belong to Peter Parker* (*Major Spoiler*AKA Spider-Man if you didn’t know) webbed to walls and ceilings everywhere. It’s a nice touch to get a feel for your character and have more objectives to complete in the game to give it more longevity. Oh a robbery?  Man ADHD me loves this game.  One of the jewelry stores is being held up by multiple gunmen and men wielding night sticks and electrified batons.

Combat is fluid, with a lot of button mashing and plenty of combos.  You can actually use your web slinging abilities to your full advantage while downing Fisk’s forces. I just don’t enjoy fighting the large brute like baddies.  They strong-arm you over and over again, and it’s almost frustrating.  So I just cover them in spiderweb and dodge around them while laying on some tough right hooks. After the enemies are downed you get a sort of token that’s used as micro currency in the game.  Enjoy collecting those to unlock suit powers, new suits, or enhance your web slinger.

Update:  I beat it.  Really looking forward to web-slinging as Miles Morales.

The King of the Oyster Mushrooms

Monday brought in some new produce, and we found the King of the Oyster Mushrooms. These long, thick stemmed fungi deserve recognition. I really love mushrooms. They all have unique shapes, and a variety of uses beyond pizza. The plan was to make tacos out of them, but I came across what I really wanted. Something with a resemblance of pulled meats, without having to hunt down an animal and apologize for even referencing pulled pork.

The bad part is this will end up being a leftover’s meal for Laura, and she wouldn’t get it fresh. I have a plan for it, though. I think I’ll start by slicing and marinating these beauties.

1-2 day passed in response to Laura’s computer crisis 2018, and I was able to pull the oyster mushroom with success. Thank you, pulled oyster mushroom, for your dedication to my insta. Love you all.

The oyster mushrooms were tossed in some ground salt, pepper, and simmered in chicken-less chicken bouillon. Success after cooking for maybe 10 minutes. The flavor is on point and my first quest to find the king of Oyster Mushrooms is completed. He’s got a scary mouth.

The journey isn’t over because plan is now to freeze marinade them and wait. I’m gonna grab my Nintendo Switch and throw around some moblins. Happy Thursday.

Update:. I finished the spaghetti dish I had made a month ago and it was delicious. Beep boop.

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Sonic the Plant Based Hedgehog

Why isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog vegan?  It doesn’t really make any sense.  You spend years and years battling Dr. Eggman trying to prevent the robotizing of animals and the planet, or protect animal life.  What does Sonic do?  He eats animals.  He boasts his Chili Dog like it’s nobody’s business.  There’s so much cognitive dissonance in the world that we don’t even stop to think that Sonic is eating the animals that he saved.

Think about it –  You travel through each zone which is filled with toxic waste, and mechanical enemies are turned against you.  Each enemy represents an animal that is put through factory farming. They are turned into food for us to consume, or to use as tools. In the game, I’m not really sure what purpose they serve as mechanical animals. In Sonic CD, you get a glimpse of the past, and future if you may fail to stop Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman.

So what does Sonic do? Sonic BOOM. Blasting throgh the forces of robots, he successful defeats Dr. Eggman, freeing the animals to continue to be used to create food.

So, in this world, what would happen if Sonic came to terms with the fact that he was fueling himself on the creatures he was so desperately trying to save? Let’s speculate for a bit. Dr Eggman is one foe, and Sonic is learning and grows as a hero.  He travels to the place to where the animals are transformed and he sees a glimpse of what he is fighting for. There is no reverse button to change the animals back, his artists had protected Dr. Eggman’s mission.  The view is horrible and gruesome. He couldn’t believe it.


Dr Eggman laughs as the industries side with him, and Sonic is captured by the Elite Enforcers.  His friends have to spread the word of the trap that was set by Mecha Sonic. He was made out to be the enemy, as Dr. Eggman poured his funds into campaigns against the animals.  That the animals were the enemies, and they must be robotized for humanity to survive.  Sonic wept in hopelessness, as a chili dog was slipped under his cell door.  He had eaten the friends he fought for. A hero would not submit to such evils of his past. He would keep this friend with him. This friend became his power. This was the last time Sonic ate a chili dog.

Tails and the crew arrived at the Perma Region, an area covered in frozen tundra. All they could do was record this horror. Mechanical Zeplins floated around the area, plunging huge hoses into the ground.  The enemy forces had arrived there, attempting to continue the process of convincing humans that saving themselves by becoming robots would save the world.  That a mecha Earth is the answer, so he poured toxic sludge into the waters from large oceanic harvesters gathering the fossil fuels of the area.  The friends long past. The clouds of toxic methane fogged the area, as the heroes lined up to attempt to preserve the land.

They saw nothing but destruction, and death. As they revealed to the world the truth behind the actions of Dr. Eggman, the world started to awaken but it was too late for many. For the process of robotizing had started, and the journey was long from over. Sonic was released after the footage was released in his defense.  The large industries were well protected by their fortresses constructed in greed. What could the heroes do but to uncover the other horrors of this society in darkness?

Maybe Sonic just needs a well balanced vegan diet high in protein.  The world may never know.

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